BarCamp Cambodia 2017: Phnom Penh 10 Years Later

The clock pointed 7 am. Curtain raised. Booth installed. Room unlocked. People stood ready. Even in this early hour, they had to compete with hundreds of other participants to get their ticket scanned. Without notice, more people cramped in, creating an atmosphere of sudden rush torrent. Booth stands follow this flow, adding energy to their already electrifying efforts. BarCamp volunteers steeled themselves for another onrush. The Organizers working their final checklist. The Campus cannot wait to show off their grandiosity. The morning cannot be more excited.

This is a familiar sight at BarCamp Phnom Penh, now known as BarCamp ASEAN. This year, the scene has no alteration. For 10 years, this very sight is the drive for the team to continue giving their best for both the event and community.

BarCamp ASEAN 2017 is held at Institution of Technology, Cambodia (ITC) from 20th to 22nd October 2017. The first day, 20th, opened only for business partners and ITC students. The later 2 days opens for public. This year would be the 10th year anniversary of BarCamp Phnom Penh/BarCamp ASEAN. The road stretches behind has given this event even more enthusiasm to provide the platform for Cambodian people to engage in the conversation around tech development in Cambodia. In the last few years, BarCamp ASEAN also brought “entrepreneur”, “business development” and “career development” into the menu.

BarCamp always retain their backbone program though: the break-out sessions. This year, the event managed to host 70 diverse topics from 80 speakers for this program alone. Adding to the usual delight, this year the event invited community partners to host different kinds of programs aiming to promote technology in Cambodia such as: Meet the Best Cambodia ICT Project in 2017, created with the goal of sharing problems that they faced and how to countermeasure those problems and to understand the challenges in today’s society, Digital Marketing Talk, talks about successful strategy on marketing on social media, the Meetup of Cambodian Game Developers, and WordPress Community. Last, the TechSoup talks upon “Introduce & Launch the NGO Technology Discounts & Donations Program in Cambodia”. Last but not least, BarCamp ASEAN 2017 also invite students to showcase their innovations, in the spirit of encouraging young Cambodian to steps up and share their dreams and social solutions to the public.

The main spotlight is on the final program: TechTalk @BarCamp ASEAN powered by SMART. Joined by 14 distinguished speakers, SMART brought the whole event to the ultimate climax. Fans flock into the emerald space, eager to listen to their beloved idols of tech world. By the of the day, everyone can’t wait to share their stories on FB wall post or tweet it to the world.

As always, BarCamp event can be a quick-happening. For 10 years, each is full of fond memories of people’s curiosity, partner’s contributions and volunteer’s relentless service. Each went on and left behind an aspiration to keep on providing the same, or even more, impacts. The community thrives to serve Cambodian people with possibilities in the world of technology.

10 years has passed, another 10 years to come.